Claudio Naranjo is an elder statesman of the U.S. and global Human Potential Movement and the spiritual renaissance of the late 20th Century. He studied medicine, music, and philosophy in Chile, where he also was a resident at the University of Chile Psychiatric Clinic under Matte-Blanco. He taught psychology of art at the Catholic University and social psychiatry at the School of Journalism, University of Chile, and served as Director of the Center for Studies in Medical Anthropology.

Claudio Naranjo's published works include The One Quest (Viking Press, 1972), The Psychology of Meditation (Penguin, 1972), The Healing Journey (Pantheon Books, 1974), La Vieja y Novísima Gestalt: Actitud y Práctica (Editorial Cuatro Vientos, 1990), Ennea-type Structures (Gateways Books, 1991, 2004), Gestalt Therapy: The Attitude and Practice of an Atheoretical Experientialism (Gateways Books, 1993, and Crown House, U.K., 2000), Gestalt After Fritz (published by Era Naciente, 1993, as Gestalt sin Fronteras), The End of Patriarchy and the Dawning of a Tri-une Society (Dharma Enterprises, 1994, and Kairós, 1993, as La Agonía del Patriarcado), The Divine Child and the Hero (Gateways Books, 1999), Enneatypes in Psychotherapy (Hohm Press, 1994), Transformation Through Insight: Enneatypes in Life, Literature and Clinical Practice (HOHM Press, 1997), and El Enneagrama de la Sociedad (Temas de Hoy, 1995, Ediciones La Llave, 2000), The Enneagram of Society: Healing the Soul to Heal the World (Gateways Books, 2004), The Way of Silence and the Talking Cure (forthcoming), Changing Education to Change the World (Forthcoming).

The Enneagram of Society:

Healing the Soul to Heal the World

Dr. Claudio Naranjo


The Enneagram of Society, rather than material for active speculation, presents us with an invitation to rebuild the world, starting with our own transformation into beings capable of assuming responsibility for our own acts.... -- Arno Vogel, Director of Latin American Faculty for Sociology

Claudio Naranjo is finally awakening the spiritual world to its social conscience.
-- E.J. Gold, Author of Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus