New Life Through Energy Healing by Reimar Banis

Reimar Banis, M.D., naturopath and physician specializing in general medicine, is considered to be one of the world's leading figures in energy medicine.

All those who would like to know more about themselves, their subconscious shadow and their character will benefit from this book. In it, readers can find information (from all cultural epochs and spiritual disciplines) about life energy, the Aura, Chakras, and their exceptional significance for health, joie de vivre and finding meaning in life.

Shamans, acupuncture, magic, and medieval humoral theory all have their say, as does the modern psychological and psychoanalytical viewpoint. The author combines and connects the scientific worldview with the insights of modern energy medicine and ancient spiritual wisdom. From this emerges a new worldview in which individual emotional evolution represents the true key.

New Life through Energy Healing

Table of Contents

Reimar Banis, M.D.

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