Dancing on the Other Side: Beyond Death

Ulrike Hobbs-Scharner

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About the book

Is there Life after Death? For all those pondering this age-old question, Dancing on the Other Side throws light on the soul's journey once it has left the earthly sphere and transitions to higher dimensions. It guides those left behind to accepting "death" as a new beginning encompassed in love and joy. This book challenges taboos, encourages self-awareness, and speaks to multidimensional consciousness. Hobbs-Scharner provides the reader a fascinating look into a different sphere of being and the comfort of knowing that there is wonderful life beyond death.

Preface by Ulrike Hobbs-Scharner

In late 2004, the tsunami in Southeast Asia took hundreds of thousands of lives, and was followed by a wave of horror and compassion throughout the world. An unimaginable number of people died. Thousands more were plunged into misery and hardship, desperately seeking their relatives, without even a bare minimum to sustain themselves. The world's ability to help was concentrated on this enormous suffering.

In the weeks that followed I assisted many people in a world not visible to our physical eyes. I helped the deceased make the transition into the purely spiritual world. In the first chapter i will describe how I am able to do such work.

It is almost impossible to relate how appalled I was that untold numbers of people who had lost their lives to this catastrophe had become completely confused and disoriented, and had no way of conceiving that they were no longer on the earthly plane, that they no longer had physical bodies. To be dead and in this condition is a living nightmare. It struck me that a surprising number, who were unable to understand their own physical deaths, came from western countries.

After the first shock, it once again became clear to me that in our culture, dealing with the subject of death is still in its infancy. Death is a subject that is either taboo or surrounded by fear. Even though death is inevitable, we neglect spiritual confrontation with it. If at all, most of us concern ourselves only superficially with the issues that pertain to death. What a loss! For here, dear reader, lies a sublime and unfathomable treasure waiting to be discovered.

In my unusual work, I have repeatedly experienced that, for many who have died, it has been nearly impossible for them to recognize their own transformation if they hadn't already addressed the theme of life after death while alive on Earth. Those, however, who widen their consciousness in regard to life after death, or who develop a deep religious faith before they die, will more easily find their way in the changed circumstances after their deaths.

Since my experience with the tsunami, I have decided to venture out and talk about my many years of experience as an out-of-body visitor to the other dimensions. I want to show that life never ends -- it continues on in other spheres and in different forms. Great uplifting forces are behind this. They are so surprisingly different from our way of thinking that we must make some fundamental changes. Allow yourself a fascinating look into a different sphere of being.